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Creativity and industry involvement drives our future... Published for more than 20 years, Hospitality Net is regarded as a highly trusted source where industry leaders and experts go to learn, share and connect. Based on its proprietary publishing and syndication platform, Hospitality Net enables its members to reach and communicate with highly targeted audience groups in the global hospitality vertical. More about Hospitality Net's traffic, demographics and ranking

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Membership is Hospitality Net's bundled annual solution for gaining effective year-long visibility on Hospitality Net. Membership enables members to publish and amplify press releases, opinion & thought-leadership articles, expert views in HN World Panels, explainers, events & webinars, appointments and more.

Co-Created Content Assets

In partnership with its clients, Hospitality Net develops co-created content assets that are published and amplified on Hospitality Net AND (re)used by its clients as an integrated part of their own marketing strategies and tactics.

Video Content Assets
Video engagement is not new, but for a highly targeted environment such as the travel and hospitality industry, using well-produced videos that are easily digestible, makes a great deal of sense and helps to drive awareness.

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Written Content Assets
We provide solutions that fit your strategy, including industry surveys, whitepapers, case studies, executive interview articles, thought leadership articles and press release production.

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Advertising & Sponsorships

Position your brand with advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the recognized leader in global hospitality. Solutions include banner advertising, newsletter sponsorship, EDM mailshots, and sponsored World Panel Viewpoints.

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Brand Awareness

This solution enables organizations to transform their broad industry know-how and thought-leadership into increased brand awareness within Hospitality Net’s ecosystem and beyond.

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