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HITEC Charlotte 2024

2024 Online Marketing Opportunities

For over 15 years, Hospitality Net has been a trusted partner of HITEC. We understand the importance of maximizing your brand exposure during this industry event. During the HITEC season, Hospitality Net offers a comprehensive suite of online marketing solutions designed to deliver additional exposure for exhibitors on the HITEC website, the HITEC app, and on Hospitality Net, today's undisputed #1 ranked B2B platform for hospitality professionals, specifically within hotel technology and innovations. 

Please note: publishing news on the HITEC website is exclusive to HITEC Charlotte exhibitors. If you are not an exhibitor, please click here for publishing opportunities on Hospitality Net.

Publish News & Thought Leadership

The upcoming HITEC show presents a golden opportunity for exhibitors to significantly amplify the visibility of their product news and press releases. Your announcements will not only be published on Hospitality Net but also on the HITEC website and in the HITEC app, ensuring targeted exposure to a highly relevant audience. Moreover, this information will be included in the newsletters of both platforms, further extending your reach. This service is designed to put your latest innovations and news front and center, both before and during the show, helping you to capture the attention of potential clients and partners in the hospitality technology sector.
Visit HITEC News here.

News can be posted on a One-Off basis ($299)
Or, as part of a Hospitality Net 
Membership Package (Starting at $1,150 for 5 articles)

HITEC Express Product Video

Hospitality Net's Express Video for HITEC offers a strategic advantage to exhibitors aiming to make a significant impact before the show even begins. Recorded prior to HITEC, this resource allows attendees to gain an insightful preview of your company and an in-depth look at the products you plan to display or launch at the event. The final product, a concise yet comprehensive 3-minute clip, will be prominently featured on Hospitality Net and, one week before HITEC kicks off. This early exposure not only primes potential visitors about what to expect from your booth but also enables exhibitors to harness the video for their pre-HITEC marketing campaigns across various social channels, effectively maximizing reach and engagement with their target audience ahead of the conference.
See HITEC 2023 samples here, here and here

Cost to participate: $499 (limited space available).

CEO or Executive Interview

This unique 15-minute video interview offers CEOs a chance to articulate their company's current strategy and vision, delve into the background of new products and innovations, and highlight what sets their offerings apart in the hospitality industry. Once recorded, this interview will be featured on Hospitality Net and the official HITEC website, providing significant exposure. Furthermore, exhibitors will have the liberty to leverage this interview clip for their own marketing endeavors, making it a valuable asset to enhance their brand's visibility and connect with a wider audience in the hospitality sector.
See sample here.

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